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What are our standard reports?
We explain the Forecast 5 standard financial reports and how they are important to your business.
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What can Memo records do?
Have you heard about our memo records and how they can allow you to budget with greater flexibility.
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What is Export Forecast Data?
The Forecast Data Export allows you to export the data of forecasts from Forecast 5 into a formatted spreadsheet to be imported into an external product such as Spotlight or Fathom.

You can export data from multiple forecasts from Forecast 5, actuals or budget figures, to be imported into other softw...
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What is a Section Summary?
It is so easy to see how your section is adding up!

With our section summary, you can quickly check on how each record in your P&L sections are looking.

To use the section summary:
  1. Click any P&L Section name (indicated by the blue arrow)
  2. See your summary!

It really is that easy!

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What Are Visuals?
With 6 visual graphs available, now you can see how your data is looking, and moving!
Structured similar to our standard reports, you can see the visuals monthly, quarterly or annually!
  • Sales Visual
  • Bank Balance and Movement
  • Working Capital Days
  • Debtors Days
  • Net Bank
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What Are Integrations?

Forecast 5 integration allows the user to import data from their financial application, eliminating the time-consuming task of manually keying figures. 

The integration process will effectively create a budget from the selected accounting system, allow users to prepare next year’s budgets and re...
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What Are Forecast Tags?

We've made it easier for you to organise your forecasts with tags!

Use tags to distinguish forecasts by area, version, state or however suits you!

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What Are Report Views?

Written to enable you (or us!) to create the reports you need in your preferred report writing tool.

While Forecast 5 comes with many built-in reports and the ability drop them into excel using One Touch Reporting,

we have designed the Report Views to allow your raw forecast data to be extracted ...

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What Are Contract Retentions?

After discussions with construction businesses using Forecast 5, 

we have introduced a new derivation under Accrued/Prepaid cost and sales records for Contract Retention 

where your customer or supplier may retain a portion of the invoice until a job has been completed.

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What Is The Admin Pack?


The Admin Pack was developed for multi-user clients to provide security locks on sensitive forecasts. 

With the Admin Pack, you can split users into groups and then assign forecasts to specific groups to ensure only those you want
can see particular forecasts, can. 

Status Entry

The a...

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What is One Touch Reporting?

Forecast 5's innovative new feature, One Touch Reporting, allows you to design and customise a report pack to be readily available for all your budgets, reducing time spent on your budgeting process. 

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What Is Daily Cashflow?
Using Daily Cashflow, you will be able to:

- Get a clear idea on where you cash is.

- Fine-tune receipts and payments on a day by day basis.

- Determine your payment/receipt frequencies, e.g. Weekly, Monthly, etc.

- Determine your payment/receipt days, e.g. 1st January or 5th January, etc. 

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