What Is Daily Cashflow?

06.05.21 04:53 PM By Stephanie

Daily Cashflow is a rolling day-by-day bank position projection based on your budget, for 90 days!

Using Daily Cashflow, you will be able to:

- Get a clear idea on where you cash is.

- Fine-tune receipts and payments on a day by day basis.

- Determine your payment/receipt frequencies, e.g. Weekly, Monthly, etc.

- Determine your payment/receipt days, e.g. 1st January or 5th January, etc. 

After you have defined your settings and set up your budget, the Daily Cashflow worksheet will first be calculated by Forecast 5 using the data entered on the records. Once you have reviewed the calculated Daily Cashflow, you can then begin fine-tuning your figures, making amendments for what you think will happen!

Each change will update the projected daily closing bank position in the Daily Cashflow. Values can be moved from day to day or even removed allowing you to manage the actuals and expected bank position.

Once satisfied with your 90-day projection, you can move forward to tweak your cashflow on a rolling basis for the future months.

This detailed and focused attention on the immediate short term cashflow will enable you to understand the needs and financial position of your company!