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Now with three branches of Forecast 5; New Zealand, the United Kingdom and South Africa, all the bases are covered. 

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New Zealand

+ 64 9 820 9960

United Kingdom

+44  7770 608 900

South Africa

+27 730 601 426

How We Started

A few years ago when Geof Nightingale, the New Zealand distributor of Sage WinForecast and a chartered accountant, saw that the future of Sage WinForecast was bleak with no product development and a management change of Sage, he decided that he needed to find another product.

But after extensive searching, he was unable find anything that provided a full budgeting solution as Sage Winforecast did. He considered his options and concluded the best way was to write his own solution. Thus, Forecast 5 was born.

He gave the old, obsolete Sage Winforecast a much-needed face-lift and modernisation. He used SQL Server as the database for Forecast 5 resulting in an increase in security and stability. Provided a familiar Microsoft office interface for ease of use and simplified the data entry process with a single data entry screen. This was just the start!

Since the release of Forecast 5, we have continually enhanced the product with Geof’s accounting knowledge and great suggestions from our growing customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Chart of Accounts be imported into Forecast 5?

It sure can!

Whether you use one of financial integrations or not, your Chart of Accounts can be imported into Forecast 5. 

For the best, easiest and quickest way, we strongly recommend you talk to one of consultants. Their expertise is second to none and they can get you up and running in no time!

Ask About Importing Your COA
How much does Forecast 5 cost?

Prices starting from $1500 + GST

Forecast 5 has a range of packages that can accommodate all business sizes.

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Does Forecast 5 handle consolidations?

Yes We Do!

Forecast 5 has the capability to take your forecasts, consolidate them together and generate the financial reports you want. We also handle eliminations for intercompany accounts and minority interests.

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Where can I get support?

Right Here!

We offer a number of support options. From our self-help Knowledge Base, to Online Training videos, to our Help Desk

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Do you have a cloud version?

Not yet, but it is coming!

As at May 2022, we do not have a released cloud version of Forecast 5 but it is in the works!

We are working towards a release for the end of 2023 so keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for the announcement of the release!

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