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Why should you buy Forecast 5?

We've put together a few articles to help with your decision process on choosing a smarter solution.

Spreadsheets have errors

Did you know that 38% of all spreadsheets contain errors and that 90% of people using spreadsheets think they’re correct? With 9 out of 10 spreadsheets (88%) containing errors (Leung, 2014) and with a cell error rate of up to 1 in 20 cells (5%) (Panko, 1998), it is no wonder that your certainty on the figures presented is faltering...

What CEOS want in a budget

After pouring blood, sweat and tears into designing your spreadsheet budget for your CEO, you present your findings, only to be expected to accurately predict various what-if scenarios during your presentation.  Spreadsheets are just not equipped to handle spontaneous impact calculations...

No more Sage Winforecast

After the success of Sage Winforecast version 4, Sage decided to change direction for a version 5 replacement and developed and released Sage Financial Forecasting. Unfortunately, this replacement did not measure up and Sage Winforecast remained stationary at version 4, with no development...

Why you should move away from spreadsheets

Often small businesses will start out using spreadsheets for their budgets, however, eventually your businesses budgeting needs will evolve. The smartest businesses are using dedicated budgeting software, such as Forecast 5, instead..

Looking for a new budgeting solution?

So frustration with inaccurate, time absorbing spreadsheets with half-baked output has caused you to look for a purpose-built solution. Well done! This is the light at the end of the tunnel, not the train. The purpose of this article is to highlight the types of software that are available...

What is Forecast 5?

Forecast 5 is a comprehensive budgeting and forecasting product, purpose built to remove all the errors associated with Excel budgets, provide sophisticated rolling forecasts, actuals variance analysis and confidence in your results. Forecast 5 provides a range of data entry methods and...

Who is Forecast 5?

Back a few years when Geof Nightingale, the NZ distributor of Sage Winforecast and a chartered accountant, saw that the future of Sage Winforecast was bleak with no product development and a management change of Sage, he decided that he needed to find another product...

Is your spreadsheet really faster?

We understand that you have spent hours carefully designing and creating your budget spreadsheet template and you have finally managed to complete that pesky formula to link the cash inflow to your Cashflow. But there is an easier, less time-consuming way! A purpose-built budget and forecasting solution takes on a significant amount of processing well beyond what a spreadsheet does...

Your potential ROI

Have you wanted to grow the business advisory and development area of your firm and reduce production costs and time when creating budgets and supporting models? Have you ever wanted a reason to touch base with your clients more regularly?..

10 Questions about your budgeting process

 Do you use problematic, error-prone and time-consuming -to-maintain spreadsheets, for creating your Clients/CEO Business budgets? Are you fed up with trying and failing to achieve reliable, totally accurate information and results using your current forecast, cashflows and budget system?...

10 more questions

1. Does my budget software handle the full requirements, e.g. Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, Loans, Fixed Assets, Sales, Costs, etc. 2. Does a generic one size, 30 days after the month end cashflow really work for you? Cash is king, and you need flexibility for every record...

Venture from a CEO

On several occasions, I have been appointed by a Board of Directors as the Executive Director or CEO of a New Zealand technology or software start-up. Many of these businesses have been in the market for more than 5 years...

Get up and going with Forecast 5

You will be ready to budget smarter in just 3 simple steps: Step 1.Install Forecast 5. Step 2.Migrate Data. Step 3.Start Budgeting! But if you get stuck, We Can Help!

Building a business case

You’ve tested Forecast 5, you love what we can do but do you now need to get approval? Or are you worried the decision maker will not approve a much-needed modernisation to the budgeting process? Or are you sitting on the fence, unsure if it is worth the investment? 
Discover the joys of being able to trust your numbers with Forecast 5!
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