Your ROI: Generate Extra Income & Investment

Create fast, accurate and error-free budgets for clients with Forecast 5 and the additional income will quickly repay the invested amount of purchasing Forecast 5, with interest! 
  • Have you wanted to grow the business advisory and development area of your firm and reduce production costs and time when creating budgets and supporting models?
  • Do you want to build closer client relationships and improve client satisfaction levels?
  • Have you ever wanted a reason to touch base with your clients more regularly?
If you said yes.. now you can!
By adding Forecast 5 as a service to just 10% of your clients, your bottom line and client satisfactions levels can significantly increase!
Forecast 5 focuses on the delivery of accurate and comprehensive budgets, providing all the logic to complete your budget, cashflow and forecast without the strenuous mental math. The Profit & Loss matches to the Cashflow and the Balance Sheet matches to the Funds Flow. This allows you to not only see what you are spending but where the cash is. 

In a nut shell, Forecast 5 does all the hard work, crunching the numbers, time-consuming calculations and generating accurate results and reports, all while creating an income stream for your business. 
Average annual fee charged to clients for producing forecasts and budgets$2,500
Multiplied by the number of clients 
 Total annual income generated from Forecast 5 activity  $50,000
Less Cost
Annual cost of Forecast 5 subscription$1,500 + GST
Initial Forecast 5 training cost$ 800 + GST
Total Initial Cost$2300 + GST
Staff Cost Calculation
Average time spent by staff in Forecast 5 (data entry, print reports)5 hours per client
Average staff cost $250 per client
Total cost for 20 client’s budgets using Forecast 5$5,000
Total Annual Costs $7,300
Annual Return on Forecast 5 Investment for 20 Clients$42,700 Profit
Work smarter and more profitably by budgeting beyond spreadsheets and making the move toward a smarter, more efficient future with Forecast 5!
Forecast 5 can assist with re-focusing your business activities, enabling you to work smarter. A purpose-built budgeting and cashflow solution that is easy to use, affordable yet comprehensive and accurate.
Forecast 5 is the smarter solution.
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