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Once you have registered above and received your trial license, download and install Forecast 5. With a built-in local database, the whole process is super simple.

Here is our installation guide to walk you through the install and get you underway
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We are all about making it easy. Watch our quick start video that gives you a super quick overview of using Forecast 5. 

If you want more help, check out our essentials guide or online training videos.

​Essentials guide

With such a comprehensive product, it can be a bit overwhelming without knowing where to start. Check out our Essentials guide for an overview on how to set up a basic forecast.
Our Essentials guide walks you through creating a forecast, adding records and figures, entering actuals and running the reports.

For a more in-depth guide, see our online training videos.

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​Online training videos

Watch from start to end or just what you need, our online training course is free for all and covers all aspects of Forecast 5. 

From creating a forecast, to details on record types, to importing actuals, you can learn everything you need to know in just over 2 hours.

​Knowledge base

Our Knowledge Base is your go to for all our guides, checklists, how-to's and support tips. 

With unlimited 24/7 access, you can find the answers you need with ease and whenever you need them.
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​Demo data

Don't have time to build a forecast but want to have a play around?

We've got you covered, we've put together a demo forecast for you to save some time and go straight to checking the outputs.

Simply save it to your desktop, import it and take a look.

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