Relax! With Forecast 5, you're balanced.

The smarter solution for forecasting and budgeting.

Prepare your budgets with ease and know you can trust the numbers with our 4-way budgeting. 

Produce Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow and Funds Flow reports at the push of a button. 

Then revise and report your actual results, using rolling forecasts to enable you to plan for any economic changes.

Know your budget is 100% correct

Revise your forecast in minutes

Remove all calculation errors

We integrate with...

MYOB Advanced   -   MYOB AccountRight   -   MYOB Exo   -   Sage 50 Accounts   -   Sage 300   -   SAP B1   -   Xero

Packed with features to handle your process

From stock, to wages, to consolidations, to reports, we cover all aspects of budgeting, making the process so much easier than before. 

A purpose-built tool that will let you trust your numbers can't be beaten.

One Touch Reporting

Create customised and professional report packs ready to be printed with a touch of a button and shared with the board, the bank or executive teams.

4-Way Reporting

Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow and Funds Flow are built in to Forecast 5, meaning you can get these, and more, financial reports quickly and easily.

What If Scenario's

 Perform "What If?" analyses at the section, folder and record level to help you plan for and manage different potential business scenarios.

Daily Cashflow

Get a rolling day-by-day bank position projection based on your budget, for 90 days!


Pull historic data from your financial software to use as a baseline for your budget going forward.


Consolidate forecasts from different companies and do intercompany eliminations.

Cost Centre's

Forecast 5 makes budgeting for all your departments and cost centre's is effortless.

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What our customers have to say

"We like Forecast 5's ability to produce forecast/budget P&L, BS, Cashflow and Funds Flow with Increased accuracy (no worry about excel errors)"

"I don’t know what I’d do without forecast 5 doing the double entries for our budgeting."

"We like the live integration of P&L, Funds Flow, Cashflow and Balance Sheet."

"We like the functionality of Forecast 5 doing a fundamental Accounting task – converting a Profit and loss into a cashflow and balance sheet.  And we love the One touch button."