Sage Winforecast is dead!

Quite often we hear “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”. But do you say that about your car? Or do you service your car to get more benefit out of it? Of course, you look after your car. 

Then why are you not looking after your most valuable data?

After the success of Sage Winforecast version 4, Sage decided to change direction for a version 5 replacement and developed and released Sage Financial Forecasting. Unfortunately, this replacement did not measure up and Sage Winforecast remained stationary at version 4, with no development. When both products were announced as obsolete in 2012, with no support in 2014, users were left without a quality budgeting and forecasting tool.

Forecast 5 was designed to fill the void that Sage Winforecast left behind and cleverly named Forecast 5 to replace the missing version of Sage Winforecast. Not only has Forecast 5 replaced Sage Winforecast but the increased functionality will impress you! 

Don’t get caught out with Sage Winforecast and risk losing your data completely! Make the move to a secure future with Forecast 5.

Check out some of the features Forecast 5 has to offer!
Consolidations & EliminationsActuals and What If Scenarios
Net & Gross Wages, Pensions, Bonuses, Employee Groups & ScheduleExtend up to 15 years
Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Funds FlowVisual Reports; EBITDA, P&L, Bank Movements.
Stock, Stock on Hand and Stock Made recordsMulti-Currency and Journal Accounts
Departments & Cost CentresMultiple Bank Accounts
Integrations to Xero, Sage 50, MYOB Advanced, AccountRight and ExoMultiple Users and User Management
Hotlinking and ExportingOne Touch Reporting
Daily CashflowRolling forecasts
Template CreationError-Free Forecasting
Section Summary and Report PreviewsMemo Records
Assumption RecordsFuture Development and Support
With Forecast 5, you can be confident that the results you’ve just reported are correct! Forecast 5 focuses on the delivery of accurate and comprehensive budgets, providing all the logic to complete your budget, cashflow and forecast without the strenuous mental math. 

The Profit & Loss matches to the Cashflow and the Balance Sheet matches to the Funds Flow. This allows you to not only see what you are spending but where the cash is. 
Don’t keep making the same mistakes. Make the move to Forecast 5 today and reap the benefits of budgeting beyond spreadsheets!
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