What Is Forecast 5?

Forecast 5 is a comprehensive budgeting and forecasting product, purpose built to remove all the errors associated with Excel budgets, provide sophisticated rolling forecasts, actuals variance analysis and confidence in your results.

Forecast 5 provides a range of data entry methods and cashflow options leading to the generation of budgets and accurate cashflows with a full financial reporting including Profit & Loss, Cashflow, a complete Balance Sheet and Funds Flow for up to 15 years. The ease of use decreases your budget preparation time and increases your productivity.
With a large range of record types such as wages, accruals/prepayments, stock on hand and stock, and options to budget by KPI’s last year, zero-based or Metrix budgets are all supported, Forecast 5 facilitates a complete budget of all the major processes of an entity. 

As an integrated solution, import prior years data into Forecast 5 then extend the data with percentage changes to create the next years budgets and cashflows. The importing of actuals and the entry of rolling budget simplifies the process to provide variance analysis against the original budget and the new forecasted results. 
Handling multi-currencies, consolidations and what if scenarios plus being up to ten times faster and more accurate than excel, makes Forecast 5 the ideal choice for any entity with a budget need, wanting to save time preparing budgets and confidence in accuracy for that final presentation to the board, the bank or stakeholders. 
Forecast 5 can assist with re-focusing your business activities, enabling you to work smarter. A purpose-built budgeting and cashflow solution that is easy to use, affordable yet comprehensive and accurate. 
Forecast 5 is the smarter solution.
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