We can help build your business case for Forecast 5

Congratulations on your decision to purchase Forecast 5!

You’ve tested Forecast 5, you love what we can do but do you now need to get approval? Or are you worried the decision maker will not approve a much-needed modernisation to the budgeting process? Or are you sitting on the fence, unsure if it is worth the investment? 

We’ve put together some pointers that may help make the decision easier.
What is expected by you or your boss?
  1. Accurate figures with correct calculations
  2. A cashflow to rely on
  3. Budgets that are on time and flexible
  4. Fast and easy outputs
  5. To make changes and produce results in minutes
What are the business gains of adapting Forecast 5:
  • Reduced hours spent in Excel
  • No more time spent on fixing up errors
  • A fast turnaround when producing reports
  • A better quality of data with numbers you can trust, enabling better decisions
  • Easily handles multi-currencies, actuals, variances, wages, stock and more with ready-made records.
  • Rolling forecasts to better manage your budget and make corrective actions.
  • A peace of mind that figures are accurate and avoiding embarrassment in financial meetings. 
  • A reduced workload so you can concentrate on other important issues. A purpose-built solution for easy hand over between staff, eliminating fumbling through Excel sheets trying to make sense of them. 
Return On Investment
  • Working smarter frees up time to let you be more profitable
  • With support included in the annual fee, there are no hidden costs
  • Unlimited access to all training videos for everyone, including new staff
  • A dedicated team working on enhancements, improvements, and updates 
  • Roadmap assured.
What would utilising Forecast 5 mean to you? (Our top 3 examples):
  1. An investment in Forecast 5 would increase my productivity
  2. Reduction in costs, after all, my time is money!
  3. The ability to do rolling forecasts and make informative business decisions
The opportunity to start trusting your numbers is now.
Forecast 5 is the smarter solution.
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