How To Avoid An Infuriated CEO

After pouring blood, sweat and tears into designing your spreadsheet budget for your CEO and Board of Directors, you present your findings, only to be expected to accurately predict various what-if scenarios during your presentation. 

​Spreadsheets are just not equipped to handle spontaneous impact calculations for a complex organisation!
CEO’s, and the like, are becoming more interested and invested in budgets and the information they provide. They’re now viewed as planning tools allowing them to:
  • Measure performance vs. planning.
  • Forecast future performance based on current actuals and the plan.
  • Assess the impact of proposed business changes to your P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statement.
  • Have confidence in the quality of financial data they rely on to make decisions.
Essentially, their expectations on the accuracy and flexibility of your budgets have increased. And spreadsheet budgets are just not cutting it. Spreadsheet budgets lack in the ability and ease required to produce a complex budget that meet various departments needs, to consolidate multiple entities for an accurate cashflow overview, and to reflect what-if scenarios.

These factors, and more, are causing the CEO’s exasperation and their drive to investigate and invest in their future with digital solutions for budgets, such as Forecast 5.
With Forecast 5, you can be confident that the results you’ve just reported are correct! Forecast 5 focuses on the delivery of accurate and comprehensive budgets, providing all the logic to complete your budget, cashflow and forecast without the strenuous mental math. 

The Profit & Loss matches to the Cashflow and the Balance Sheet matches to the Funds Flow. This allows you to not only see what you are spending but where the cash is. 
Don’t keep making the same mistakes. Make the move to Forecast 5 today and reap the benefits of budgeting beyond spreadsheets!
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