What are What If scenarios?

27.06.22 10:11 AM By Stephanie Nightingale

See what your budget looks like if sales increase by 20% or if your costs increase with What If scenarios.

Check out this article on using What If scenarios to budget the impacts of COVID

What If is a process built into Forecast 5 to allow you to easily investigate alternative scenarios without changing the underlying data.  

Apply a What If of up to 999% or down to 1% from 100% (which is unchanged) to a complete section of a forecast, a whole folder or to an individual record. What If’s can be applied at each of the levels and the effects are cumulative to the record.

Then, you will be able to produce a full set of reports, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow and Funds Flow based on your new what if scenario. And choose to save the What If outcomes as a new budget.