What Are Integrations?

18.05.21 03:11 PM By Stephanie Nightingale

Streamline Your Budgeting Process With Integrations To Accounting Software.

Forecast 5 integration allows the user to import data from their financial application, eliminating the time-consuming task of manually keying figures. 

The integration process will effectively create a budget from the selected accounting system, allow users to prepare next year’s budgets and report Actuals going forward.

When creating a new forecast, the user will select the integration option required, the user will select the correct data source from their financial application. 

How Does it Work With Forecast 5?
  1. Select the data set/company and periods you wish to import 
  2. Map the accounts to Forecast 5 record types e.g. Wages Separately invoiced etc. 
  3. Import the historical data to be the basis for the next year’s budget. 
  4. Set up loans and import the opening balance sheet.
  5. Extend the forecast data into the new financial year for budget purposes.
  6. When you are ready, you can import the Actuals balances for your selected period.