How our licensing works

30.08.22 02:15 PM By Stephanie Nightingale

Package level, users and more

We've found out recently that our pricing models has been compared to other companies pricing models, which has been causing a bit of confusion.

Forecast 5 packages work a little differently to others so let us explain so you have full understanding to be able to make an informed decision.
Named User

For Advanced package and higher, we mentioned Named User. Named User indicates the number of users you can have in Forecast 5 at one time. E.g. for All In package, you can have 2 users logged into Forecast 5. The Base package is the only package which restricts your installations.

Network Capability

For Advanced package and higher, we mentioned Network Capability. This means that you are able to install Forecast 5 on a server or network to create a shared database environment. This goes hand-in-hand with our Named Users. With network capability and 2 users, you can have Forecast 5 installed on multiple PC's but are restricted to only 2 users in Forecast 5 at one time.