What can Memo records do?

10.09.21 02:46 PM By Stephanie

Budgeting flexibility just got even greater with Forecast 5 memo records.

Memo records can be used to store non-financial information which can then be used to derive budget figures, either in formulae or percentage of memos. They can also be used to introduce KPI's into your budget. Not to mention they can be used when hotlinking to and from other forecasts.

Hotlink to other forecasts

No need to re-enter information from another forecast, you can now hotlink data from another forecast's memo record.

Days per period

We calculate the days per month for you so you can just draw on the memo record for your calculations.

Number of Employees

We count the number of employees in your Wages Employee Groups for you, updating automatically if you add more staff, letting you focus on the important things.


    Write custom formulas to get the calculations you need. Draw on other records from the forecast, including other memo records. The opportunities are endless.

"As % of" options

We do the calculations for you with our "as % of" options

- As % of loan balance            - As % of fixed asset net asset   

- As % of profit                        - As % of other assets and liabilities

- As % of bank balance            - As % of all trade debtors

    Cashflow Options

    Use our Cashflow options so you can know

    - Income Cashflow            - Costs Cashflow                - Wages Cashflow

    Below is the full list of the current methods you can enjoy for memo records