What is One Touch Reporting?

Forecast 5's innovative new feature, One Touch Reporting, allows you to design and customise a report pack to be readily available for all your budgets, reducing time spent on your budgeting process. 

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What Is Daily Cashflow?
Using Daily Cashflow, you will be able to:

- Get a clear idea on where you cash is.

- Fine-tune receipts and payments on a day by day basis.

- Determine your payment/receipt frequencies, e.g. Weekly, Monthly, etc.

- Determine your payment/receipt days, e.g. 1st January or 5th January, etc. 

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Why We Have Two Versions (Standard and UK) of Forecast 5?
Explanation on why we have two versions of Forecast 5.
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Budgeting Impacts of COVID-19

Written by Geof Nightingale

It is unlikely the past is any guideline for the future, but you have to start some where and this is as good a place as any.
  • Take your current actuals budget or budget.
  • Save as to get a new budget
  • Reset to no actuals and say yes to keep actuals
  • From the Settings menu, select ...
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Helping You Fight Through COVID-19

Who would ever have dreamt, as they sat down less than four months ago to pen their new year’s resolutions of the economic destruction we have seen, that New Zealand – and most of the world - would be in lockdown and that ghoulish details of infection rates and mortality worldwide would lead the dai...

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