Future Cuisine Limited: Providing reliable forecasts and reports

01.04.22 11:34 AM By Stephanie
Future Cuisine: Working with Forecast 5

Environmentally sustainable, severely tested, ethically produced and harvested using industry best practices, Future Cuisine supplies high quality seafood, including being a leading supplier of green shell Mussel products, including frozen, chilled, live, marinated or smoked.

Exporting locally to food service industries, retailers, and supermarkets, and to the US, Europe, and Asia markets, Future Cuisine allows everyone to enjoy Green shell Mussels from the ocean to the plate!

“Compared to what I researched a year ago, F5 was still good value for money and had flexibility to add as much detail as you wanted. It produced a Balance Sheet and Cashflow, and consolidations are done with ease. 

Being able to load multiple forecasts is a bonus which some of the other programs did not have.” 

- Lloyd Preston - Chief Financial Officer

Why I bought Forecast 5

When searching for a complete package, Forecast 5 fit that need and was purchased for internal management purposes. 

Forecast 5 is also great for providing the bank with reliable forecasts and variance reports, which is incredibly helpful when working through and requesting funding. 

My benefits of using Forecast 5
  • Accurate flow through of figures from Profit and Loss to Balance Sheet to Cash Flow.

  • Handles loans and GST, PAYE, etc. with ease.

  • Easy to copy previous budget as basis for rolling years.

  • Exporting and importing from Excel is really simple.

  • Great flexibility with hotlinking to external Excel worksheets.

  • Creating new scenarios as needed, easily, with the What If function.

Rainbows End

Website: www.futurecuisine.co.nz

Contact: Lloyd Preston

Role: Chief Financial Officer 

TypeFood & Drink

Annual Turnover: $14 million +

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