Steamships Trading Company: Replacing Excel was a no brainer

01.04.22 11:34 AM By Stephanie
Steamships Trading: Working with Forecast 5

Steamships Trading Company has humble beginnings. A retired Sea Captain, who ran a salvage operation in Australia, sailed the company’s first ship to Port Moresby to trade along the Papuan coast in 1919. Then, in 1924 Steamships was born! 

Steamships is a leader in shipping, transport, hotels, manufacturing, & property. Steamships is certainly an icon in Papua New Guinea and is one of the largest private employers in the country. 

“Great development and support. They are always willing to listen and improve”

- Simon Woolcott - Financial Accountant
Why I bought Forecast 5

As a corporate, it is extremely imperative to remove systems that are riddled with errors. Visibility and trust in your numbers are essential to achieve status quo and growth, and the need to quickly analyze reports to make on demand decisions is a must. So, replacing Excel with Forecast 5 was a no brainer really. I could see the value and benefits of having a sound Budgeting and Forecasting system in place.

Working closely with Forecast 5, our needs and concerns were heard and their willingness to improve the product to work better for us was astounding, a great testament to the team. 

My benefits of using Forecast 5
  • Quickly produce reports, like P&L, Cashflow, Balance sheet, and Funds Flow.

  • The ability to create dashboards in Power BI with the Report Views.

  • Peace of mind by having numbers you can rely on.

  • A system that can be able to handle our 150 forecasts.

  • Saving time with the ability to extend forecasts out to many years and do rolling budgets.

  • Ability to easily consolidate our 5 divisions.

  • Support & development you can count on.

Rainbows End

Contact: Simon Woolcott

Role: Financial Accountant 

Date established: 1924 

Number of Employees2400+

Annual Turnover: 540 million Kina 

(equivalent to $225 million NZD) 

Want to remove the systems riddled with errors like Simon? 

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