Rainbows End: Building accuracy and integrity

01.04.22 11:35 AM By Stephanie
Rainbows End: Working with Forecast 5

Rainbow’s End is New Zealand's biggest theme park, situated in Auckland New Zealand. Catering for all ages old and young with thrill exciting and fun rides and providing a venue for kids’ birthday parties and special events, night rides and entertainment shows.  

It is a great location for corporate team building and meetings, social groups and schools. With Café’s and eating establishments, Rainbow’s End has it all sorted for your day’s enjoyment. 

“ Geof answers the phone or promptly calls me back when I call ”
Anshu Chandra Ali - Finance Manager
Why I bought Forecast 5

Anshu bought Forecast 5 to build accuracy and integrity into the budget and forecast model and so she can be sure that the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow reports are all aligned.  Forecast 5 allows Anshu to modeling various scenarios into the financial planning. with ease. Which is especially important in these challenging times, with the uncertainty due to COVID.

The Forecast 5 team are fantastic with taking on feedback and are willing to enhance the system functionalities to better meet the business needs. 

My benefits of using Forecast 5
  • Its ability to produce a budget and Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow and Funds Flow reports.
  • Increased accuracy means no more worrying about excel errors saving heaps of time.
  • The ability to manage prepayments and accruals with correct phasing for cashflow is a such a handy feature.
  • Built-in support with the annual subscription means never being stuck without help.
  • Ability to extend forecast into future years was a great help when producing a 5-year rolling forecast.
  • Ability to copy forecast into a new forecast gives flexibility on forecasting multiple scenarios.
Rainbows End

Website: www.rainbowsend.co.nz

Contact: Anshu Chandra Ali

Role: Finance Manager 

Date established: 1982 

TypeTheme park

Annual Turnover: 16 million

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