Dog Point Vineyard: Vital information for financial decisions.

22.07.21 02:59 PM By Stephanie
Dog Point Vineyard: Working with Forecast 5
After much frustration, Graham decided that Dog Point and Greywacke Vineyards deserve to have the financial risks removed and began looking for a flexible and supported forecasting application to express their business plan.

The winery is a vertically integrated business with multiple cost centres, requiring a fair measure of detailed analysis to build a budget. With such a diverse company, it was essential that we found a tool that could provide the accurate financial statements we needed but also allow us to consolidate our divisions with ease.

With Sage Winforecast losing its stability and support, and the refusal to revert to simplistic spreadsheets, we came across Forecast 5. 

After testing and evaluating, we ultimately decided to adopt Forecast 5.

Using Forecast 5

With the ability to easily consolidate our business units and taking into consideration all aspects of wine making, we can produce a budget with a fully integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash flow forecast. The software provides a level of reliability to these primary documents that is difficult to achieve in a spreadsheet environment and enables greater focus on the data rather than trying to figure out ‘what’s wrong with the spreadsheet’.

Our exploration of the features of Forecast 5 continues and it is evident that there are aspects of the software that will handle data manipulation better than our current tendency of importing via excel, I’m confident our budgeting methodology will evolve accordingly.
Helpful & Supportive
We have found the team at Forecast 5 very receptive to our ideas and very helpful/responsive with our barrage of ‘how to’ questions in the early days.
It is great to know that someone is available to assist, no matter the question.
“Forecast 5 allows us the break the business down to manageable parcels, using a series of ‘standalone’ & relatively simple excel templates reflecting the various divisions of the business. These ‘templates’ can then be collated through Forecast 5 to produce financial statement forecasts that have solid integrity. ” 
Graham Beattie - Director


Contact: Graham Beattie 

Role: Director & Financial Controller 

Date established: 2002 & 2008 

Other: Greywacke Vineyards Organisation 

Type: Vintners & Winemakers

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