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22.07.21 03:10 PM By Stephanie
Balance Chartered Accountants: Working with Forecast 5
For years John found that Sage Winforecast met all his budgeting needs but come 2012, WFC was made obsolete with support ceasing in 2014. Back to the drawing board John went in search of a replacement tool that would enable him to prepare complex budgets with Cost Centres, provide integrity and certainty in results and quickly produce accurate Balance Sheet, Cashflow and Profit and Loss reports. 

This is when he found the best Sage Winforecast replacement, Forecast 5!
Adopting Forecast 5

After signing up to Forecast 5 in 2013, Balance CA has been able to provide our clients with sound financial information to use when they are making annual business decisions. 

I can’t fault the ability to work smarter, knowing that the results produced by Forecast 5 have integrity and certainty, something that I was never quite sure of when using a spreadsheet solution.

Since adopting Forecast 5, I have found it familiar and easy to use, and am thrilled with the range of useful features being released over the years!

I have become especially attached to the One Touch Reporting feature. I love being able to provide customisable and professional report packs for my clients to use in their businesses or take to any third party they needed to.
Support Satisfaction

While I am is satisfied and pleased with how the product has performed over the years, I am even happier with the service provided by the Forecast 5 team. On the odd occasion that I have contacted support, the team have always been very helpful and quick to provide a solution or fix.

“Forecast 5 has helped us to deliver an integrated reporting and forecasting advisory service to our clients, regardless of business size or sector.”

John Taylor – 
Contact: John Taylor
Role: CEO/Business Development Partner
Turnover: $3M
Staff Numbers: 21

Organisation Type: Chartered Accountant

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