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Massive audit failures, a record fine, and a suggestion 

In March 2017 KPMG signed an unqualified audit report for Carillion plc for the 2016 financial year, just as they had previously for the years 2014 and 2015.  

In July and September 2017, Carillion announced provisions of £1.045billion primarily arising from expected losses on several...

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Going Concern Assessments - Use the right forecasting tools for the job!
In Edition 27 of Chartered One we considered the different interpretations of the Going Concern Statement required under IFRS and FRS, pointing out that both the FRC and the ICAEW had issued guidance during 2020....
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Quick, Responsive Forecasts and the Going Concern Assessment
In a business world of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: if management signs off on financial statements describing their company as a going concern, heads will roll if it folds in six months...
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Are preparing consolidated forecasts causing a bit of a sweat?
Need to prepare a consolidated forecast for your group or business entity? Are you sweating, just a bit, at the thought?
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